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1. The best tool for every situation

When you decide to buy a new woodworking tool or a replacement tool for your current tool, you can’t just go for any old tools and expect good results! Every situation is different and the best tool depends on a couple of factors. All of them include the type of woodworking you’re talking about, its general size, hardness, amount of edge play and most of all, the finish.

Before choosing one of the following techniques, you should always have a look at the woodworking products we sell or use:

Laminating materials

In general, laminate and plywood are both very suitable for woodworking, as a small laminate can be folded and folded again a lot which is very quick and flexible. The advantages of laminate are that the tool can easily remain fixed by the woodwork, the tool’s tool side can also easily be cut away and a cut for the face doesn’t take too much time.

On the other hand, plywood doesn’t have the same stability as laminate, it won’t last very long and can be easily broken. Plywood is usually used in the finishing part of the tool, but the finishing part can also mean the tool’s frame, handles and most of all, the main body of the tool.

Plywood is made of different materials like: wood, plaster, metal, fiberglass, cardboard… Basically any hard, dense, light and/or flexible material that is durable but not brittle.

So which woodworking tool will I choose first? Well, it depends on all of these factors, which can be explained by the following list.

1. Material

Woodworking tools should be made with a natural material, which can also resist the corrosion. Here are the types of natural materials that are good to work with for woodworking:

Wood in the natural state

Bamboo is made of bamboo.

Alpine maple is used in the finishing parts, but it will also protect the tool very well.

Alder is wood made from alder; it can be cut to a precise length and this length isn’t too bad for some projects. Alder can handle hardwoods quite well.

Kokum wood is very common in Europe and in North America.

Other woods like pine, ash and maple are available here and there but you usually don’t have any choice for such woods, they are hard to

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