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A very wise guy once told me: “Woodworkers buy cheap tools, use them often and get used to them as you improve and fine tune your skills. You have no right to complain if the first knife you found when breaking wood falls out of your hands and you can’t use it any more.”

The question was: “If I buy a cheap tool, and use it for a while, when do I start worrying about my skill and ability to do things without it?”

Then another wise guy told me: “If you have to have a knife on your table, you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to open a door. If you had to have one to fix a broken pipe, you would use a screwdriver to do it. The choice is yours.”

Which makes sense, right? In the beginning, a piece of wood that you broke and now need to cut into shape can hardly be considered a necessity unless you’re going to be using it all throughout the rest of the workday. However, when you begin a project, it’s important that you learn how to use it so that you’ll be ready to finish the job quicker after the first week. This is a lesson all woodworkers can learn from the pros.

Let’s look at the tools used in the home industry.

Cutting Lumber The tools needed to cut a 2″ x 4″ piece of plywood can cost from $10 to $60 depending on the size you want to cut. You can buy a lot cheaper by going to a used lumber store, buying the largest box of lumber you can afford, and cutting what you need. This is a good time to practice your skills and take a look at the materials you’ll be using in the future. Be aware that the cost of the lumber used can vary from one store to the next, depending on the store’s hours. When purchasing lumber, ask for some woodworker experience and let the store know where you plan to work so they will help the shop with their selection and make sure you get the right lumber for the right price. It’s good practice to be able to cut boards from the side view of a table saw to verify the wood will fit. If you’re not comfortable with a table saw, you can order it for you from a local lumber yard at around $50 to $80 for the best price around. If you’re unsure about where you’ll work, you can always hire a local woodworker to handle the wood. The

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