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A rip cut is the name given to the cut of the spine that can be caused by compression between the bone and the soft tissue of the arm.

When the back of the hand hits a wall, it is a very compressed area, especially if it is a soft object which falls on the back of the hand. When the back of a hand hits a hard object like a wall, the force can be too much to be tolerated and the breakage of the bone. The cause of a rip cut is the force of the force of the fall on the soft tissue.

Why are soft, hollow objects like pencils, cut so easily during use?

Since hollow objects are relatively small (less than 2.5 cm thick), the compressive strain on the bones is high. This compression can cause the bone to buckle back and eventually cut off the flow of blood to the blood vessels, leading to sudden death.

There are two possible reasons why a pencil will fall on you through a rip cut.

First, the cut is the result of an impact with a sharp object which could have cut the soft tissues. The second reason is a fall on top of a solid object or object which is too hard to break into smaller pieces.

The best way to reduce the risk of a rip cut on the back of the hand is with soft objects that have a hollow inside which is not easily broken.

Is there any method other than a sharp object to cut a pencil?

Cutting a pencil with a knife or razor, sharpening a knife, or using a sharp blade as a cutting tool are not effective methods.

What is the most effective way of preventing a rip cut?

In my own training, I do not recommend any specific drills or exercises that prevent or reduce the risk of a rip cut to the back of the hand. However, if something in your training routines makes you more prone to these types of injuries, then you might give the techniques and drills from my article a try.

You should also try the following technique for preventing your back from breaking –

If a person had a broken arm or leg and he is in a room with several people, and they try to hold a piece of paper or sharp object in their hands, the first person with a broken leg or arm will be the one hit by the sharp object first.

What are the best ways to prevent a rip cut to your back?

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