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There are many things you need to learn, but hopefully this list will give you some ideas to start. It is highly recommended that you begin by watching any of these great tutorials first, before embarking on your own research and learning in the process:

1. How to Film on set

2. How to film on location

3. My favorite locations

4. How to film handheld

5. How to get more experience

6. Best practices

7. How to film with the best equipment

8. The best methods for making a documentary

9. The best tools to do a short

10. What to do next

1) How to Film on set

This course will lead you step by step via a lot of step by step videos to find the proper equipment to film in, as well as get you ready for the next step of research and learning on the craft. It will also guide you to find a camera company or director that might be of interest to you.

“You will be able to film within 5 minutes of starting the course on the ‘How to Film on set’ page.”

-Chris Van Eekeren, Founder of FilmmakingSchool of Canada

This course includes several videos covering all kinds of aspects, including:

2) How to Film on location

This course will show you more information and ideas about filming on location and some of the main factors that you need to take into account. It will talk about everything from the right type of camera for the situation, as well as how to deal with issues that come up as you set out to get your film production started. It will also cover basic tips to use and keep in mind while filming, and some tools to help you.

“You will be able to film within 5 minutes of starting the course on the ‘How to Film on location’ page.”

-Chris Van Eekeren, Founder of FilmmakingSchool of Canada

3) My favorite locations
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This is a great place to learn some good places to film in. It will introduce you to some of the best locations to film in for your film, as well as some great locations to shoot on your own. You’ll also learn some tips and techniques on how to take care of these locations in the future, as well as some great places to go to film, and even find a location that you love.

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