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[Laughs] I didn’t, because I’ve never had anyone who’s done that sort of work ask me that question. You know, I was lucky enough to be at that point in my career, at that time when the cameras were in production and everybody’s moving towards the future as it were. I was a little bit older than everybody. So people would tell me, “Well, what are you doing now?” And I would go, “What do you mean, I’m doing what?”

I mean, I like movies, I really love movies, and I like to do whatever I’ve got to do to do them. But the things that I’ll never ever do again…I always say that because it’s what I was trying to do when I was a kid, I always said that I’m never gonna be in the same room as John Cameron Mitchell. I just don’t, like, ever deal with what he did in the 80s…

[Laughs] Right, yeah! But that’s all you can do.

Exactly. I can’t do what you think you’re gonna do, because I’ve never done what you think you’re gonna do, or what they’re gonna do with you. Never.

I can’t ever do what you think you’re gonna do, because I’ve never done what you think you’re gonna do. It’s hard enough for me as an actor and a director to make movies now. It’s impossible for me to get anyone else interested in something that I just started working on. It just keeps on coming and coming.

Pamela Joy (Soderquist) Tinant | Pioneer Review
You’ve spent your career shooting for some pretty big movies. As you move into making movies that are not so big, do you think people get the point?

I think you sort of understand when you get older, and you get older and you’re working in movies, that you just gotta go in and try to give it the best shot! [Laughs] I don’t know, I think they get it.

Oh, I certainly do. I think that what we’ve been doing is something that just kind of got out of control and has just sort of been going and going. I mean, in Hollywood…when I was a kid, you just kind of get comfortable, and you know that everything is okay, and it’s just a normal thing that happens.

And when that happens, you don’t want to take that and you don’t want to stop doing it, and

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