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A freelance film or video creative in our world is someone who travels around the world, produces his own projects and works on a freelance basis.

Where can I work freelance?

You can work on a freelance basis anywhere around the world, but we offer several areas in which you can do so.

As a freelance film or video producer:

You can work for yourself on a self-made project or work with a small team. You can create your own projects as well as work with another freelance filmmaker, editor, graphic designer or producer in your own studio. You can publish your own projects that are produced by your own team of creatives. You can work with other freelance filmmakers and editors. You can do an independent shoot for your own projects – either on location or in a controlled environment. You can share your project with the world around you. You can get paid for your project, or work on a commercial shoot.

You can work for others:

You can apply for a freelance position and work with a freelancers of your choice outside your studio. You can become a commercial director and freelance cinematographer, or you can start your own freelance productions. You can publish your own videos on your own website or distribute your work among a large group of film enthusiasts. Some of our recent clients have been very vocal about their desire to do so. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to bring to the world a number of our clients through our various services.

You can submit a work that you would like to contribute to our portfolio?

You can upload your work to our website and upload your own video or images to our video upload page

You can submit your work to our website, our studio or our YouTube channel:

Submit to us via email: freelancefilmmakers [at] gmail.com

Submit via our studio website: contact [at] mbfilm.com

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @mbfilm

Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/mbfilmmakers

You can also find us on Vimeo: us.vimeo.com/groups/mbfilm

You will find us on Stereogum: us.stereogum.com/mbfilm

We invite you to register on our website; you can contact us if you have any questions (mbfilm [at] gmail.com).

How long does it take

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