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I’m not going to say, ‘What’s the boss of a TV show?'” Kohn said, laughing.

“That’s probably the one I’m thinking about right now,” he added, noting that he might be even more excited by the idea of a TV show, because he’s not so sure about a movie or game.

Kohn also said that he was surprised that Marvel “didn’t want to give them permission” to hire writers who used the characters that appear in their movies or games. “You’d think Disney, which owns Marvel but they’re not in business with Marvel Studios, maybe would like that.”

I have had the privilege to work with many talented artists over my nearly four decades of teaching arts education. The one common denominator is that everyone possesses the talent and skill to bring their individual vision to life. And that is exactly why I believe that art education is so critical for our future. And yet, despite the efforts of millions of kids around the globe to study art and make their dreams come true, our public schools consistently lag far behind the rest of the world by falling far short on the state education standards that we ourselves place on the country.

The National Research Council released a report this year, “A Nation at Risk,” in which they report that the United States’ average student performance in reading and math is significantly worse than the national average of countries like Russia, Finland and Sweden. The report also reported that only a handful of public schools in the country are ranked in the top five per the OECD.
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Yet despite the report, the school systems around the country have done everything in their power for the last 30 years to ensure the success of teachers through the implementation of highly-funded programs that make it harder for them to advance. The U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Certification Initiative (TICI) is one of the most successful examples of this trend. In addition to increasing the salaries for teachers, the TICI requirement requires schools to develop a formal plan to meet academic goals to the satisfaction and approval of the Secretary of Education, a public employee who has to approve more than 90 percent of teacher contracts. In essence, teachers are being paid like public employees to perform a role similar to that of the president of the United States.

TICI has been implemented in over 60,000 public schools across the country and it’s proved to be so effective that the Department has awarded over $500 million. But just because TICI schools do not follow

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