Do professional photographers use Photoshop? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Vs Photoshop Download

I’m not sure. I have seen many professional photographers using the Pro Camera software program to capture their images, but if you really want to take a photo with a professional look, you should just be able to shoot with a point-and-shoot.

Will you be selling this camera?

No. I plan to keep this camera until I find another use for it (I know, I know…!)

Image: The Verge/Adam Taylor


It seems like a few months ago that we were all talking about Bitcoin Cash as the future. Back then, in early April, the price of Bitcoin Cash was hovering around $922, but on Thursday afternoon all was made clear: it was heading down, thanks to the hardfork that was announced on Tuesday.

This is the third major Bitcoin hardfork to occur this year, but Bitcoin Cash’s version has been the most contentious — and one of the ones that brought the community together most. While the community has been discussing the pros, cons, and advantages of different versions of the split, Bitcoin Classic has been largely dormant for months — as Bitcoin Cash had been the most common way for people to access bitcoin at the time.

But that changed on Thursday as the second version was created and it soon appeared to be a bit more widely accepted. Bitcoin Classic was the second Bitcoin fork to be created this year, following the initial iteration that occurred on May 11. While most people seem keen to say that Bitcoin Classic isn’t the real Bitcoin, one of the most vocal Bitcoiners in China expressed concern over the fork following the fork’s introduction.

In response, China’s government sent a strong message to companies to boycott the company. This is a much more blatant move by China, as there’s already a significant amount of pressure upon businesses that rely upon foreign exchange on a daily basis.

As with the rest of the community, BitPay, which handles the payment handling for businesses, has not yet taken any stances on Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash Plus. It’s unclear how many merchants currently support the Bitcoin Cash or would be unaffected by the changes, with major players such as, Groupon, and Stripe all announcing in recent weeks that they will likely take a stance on the fork, which could make the Bitcoin Classic fork less attractive to customers.

As of today, Bitpay has not yet pulled its wallet from the Bitcoin Core client, even though the protocol upgrade has been fully supported by the company

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