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Photoshop for iOS is a powerful photo editing app that can be used to quickly create, edit, and enhance your images. The best part is it’s a native iOS and Mac app that doesn’t require a web browser or a lot of extra software installed. To get started with Photoshop on your iPhone or iPad, follow these quick steps.

Open Photoshop and sign in with your Adobe ID and password. Choose File > New. Enter your user name and password for the Creative Cloud account that you have created earlier. Press Next to continue. Choose your document size (.jpg, .jpeg or .gif) and press Next. Choose the file you want to edit. Press Finish.

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How do I save and store my photos?

Photoshop will save and store your photos to the Camera Roll so you can easily access them from the Photos app when you want to capture a new image.

Select File > Save and choose a name for the saved file. The file name is what appears on the bottom of your screen, just like you would have named any image on your computer before you started using Photoshop.

To make the most of your stored photos, you may want to open the Camera Roll app and drag the saved images in there and change the background color to something that is different from your current picture to make it appear as if you took a new photo.

Can I edit my photos on the go?

Yes – just drag your iPhone or iPad photos into Photoshop and start editing! You can also save screenshots as a .png for easier sharing your photos with friends or by emailing them to someone via email or FTP.

How do I edit my photos while I’m outside?

Just select Window > Show View. Use the touchscreen to drag to the location of your photo if you’d like to adjust the color (see a more detailed explanation of how to do this in the image below), crop and rotate your photo, or zoom in and out. The iPhone will automatically zoom in when this picture has reached the width and height of the screen for your iPhone 4S, and automatically crop to fit your iPhone screen. The same goes for the iPad if you want the photo to fit within an image-sized area.

If you don’t want the camera to automatically zoom, or crop your photo if you’d like it bigger you can select Zoom > Auto Zoom mode. You can also adjust the image size of your photos by selecting Photo Editor > Image size.

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