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First of all make sure you have at least a couple of good lenses, and a good bit of time. You can take a bunch of photos, then turn them all in one shot and it’s done. But then you need the time, it’s time to practice, and to get your equipment set up properly.

I have a very capable Nikon D5, and a Canon 5D Mark II, so I really do know how to do basic photo editing.

One thing though, the new iPhone just does a hell of a job! My first iPhone phone camera was an old Nikon D4, as was all the old D5 cameras. The iPhone just just makes doing this really easy.

The new iPhone, and most other mobile devices, have the amazing autofocus control that the old D5s/5c/II had. On the old equipment, the autofocus was awful, and it took a while to get it to work.

But now, it works as good as it can be and it is really intuitive in a very smooth and automatic way.

What does the difference between the D5 and D5 Mark II, and newer D40/4i/5s/6i cameras be? Why the D5 versus its competitors?

Just some quick explanation, from what I remember from my initial D4 days, and from my use with the D5s, I have pretty much the same camera that has the same autofocus system as the other D5s and the D5c/II.

So we had the old system (which was the default for the D-5s, the D5c and the D-5i/D5s II) and the D5s had two options, manual focus or focus peaking.

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You could focus manually or using the autofocus system. It worked just fine, and was very quick to set up, especially with the focus switch on the top.

The thing about the new DSLRs is that instead of focusing on the subject, the autofocus system focuses on the subject, as it does in the Nikon camera.

If you look closely, there is a big blue dot in the middle of the focusing point, or on the top left like it did in the old and newer D5s.

So while we had the old system, the D5s, it is really different. You get fast autofocus,

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