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What tools do you use and why?

In the past many talented fashion photographers have been able to capture these stunning images of clothes in such an exceptional fashion. When I first started out I would get an image of a dress being cut with my Canon Rebel T6. While the beauty and definition were really amazing, I did not have the equipment to do my job properly. I would simply crop the entire picture and the resulting image would not be the right size to actually print on the paper.
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This is where Photoshop came in handy. Through the use of layers (a technique I still use to this day) I was able to make the image as big as I could into an image I could actually make a photograph out of. It also allowed me to layer a bunch of different images to create my beautiful image. This allowed me to finally be able to capture all the beauty and definition of the dress in one shot. I found the best images to print my dresses are the ones that were first created with the help of my technique (the layers!).

What are your thoughts on the current state of digital photography?

The current state of photography is a lot better than it was when I started shooting in 1977. This is due to many things including modern technology that is just becoming common, and the fact that most of my customers have camera phones anyway! In the old days most of my customers had their cameras with them so they could get their photos back! But the digital generation is much more open to photography. Even the kids these days can capture some incredible images of their friends and family with their cell phones. There is still some work to do, but the technology has already changed my photography.

What is your advice to any aspiring photographers in need of advice?

If you have the desire to shoot beautiful pictures then I would advise them to be consistent. I know the days of shooting with one lens and one film are over. Get a good quality camera with the proper settings. Do not only shoot weddings and portraits. Go out and find a location that is perfect for photographing.

Do you recommend taking the time to develop your photography skills? Do you ever feel the need to upgrade your camera and invest in an extra lens that you find in the online stores and at your local hardware stores? Or do you prefer to keep your camera simple and get the best images you can with whatever you have?

I don’t think any other method of developing my photography skills are necessary to be successful. The

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