Is Lightroom The best photo editor? – Learn Photo Editing Photoshop Editing Tutorial Bundle

The lightroom application for iPad. It comes with many features that will not be needed in day to day work, so it is a great tool for a quick and easy backup.

7. Evernote A digital note-taking application, that allows you to capture your thoughts in a visual, interactive format.

6. Hootsuite A simple productivity app that will help you stay focused and productive on your business goals and projects.

5. Slack An email client that makes it easy to communicate quickly and easily with fellow customers, coworkers and industry professionals.

4. HipChat A social chat app that focuses on communication and community.

3. Trello An organizational software that is perfect for small to medium sized teams of people, whether you are building a business and marketing or selling through your website.

2. Dropbox A cloud storage and sharing service based on web technologies, it offers a variety of online storage in the cloud, desktop and mobile applications.

1. Apple iPhone The iPhone is the most used mobile device in today’s markets. It combines the functionality of a computer, tablet or laptop and allows you to create, edit and share files on your iPhone from a web browser. It combines all the features of a business, while allowing you to stay within your boundaries.

The Federal Reserve’s first rate hike since 2006 is expected Friday. While not a particularly popular measure of Fed independence, which typically shows a lag and drop of 5 to 10 months, it is nevertheless a critical one — the Fed’s monetary policy is the single most important thing facing the United States. As such they should be taken seriously, but because the Fed has been so secretive it’s often left out of the headlines and in no short supply of misinformation.

This time the Fed will raise rates by a quarter percentage point, a quarter percentage point it’s also expected to cut to help stave off a deflationary spiral while helping the economy regain some momentum. The Fed wants “to keep the growth of long-term government debt stable and consistent,” and this will help, but more important, it will keep the economy from collapsing under the weight of unneeded debt.

For a few reasons, the current state of the economy is particularly worrisome.

First, real household income has been falling for five years, with real median household income down over 20% since the year 2000, compared to a 3.5% annual rate in the prior five years. This is especially troubling because income of this size

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