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There are some apps that provide a way to check clothing through the user’s perspective. The main apps that provide this feature are Wetsuit Viewer and T-shirt Viewer. Both apps show the top-layer of clothing, with the waistband and side seams showing. While these may give a decent view of the apparel from the side, they have no way to see inside the garment as it’s being worn.

It’s not uncommon for there to be multiple layers in the same garment. In this case: one garment, one set of clothes. This method can get you more information with the most information.

When are clothes worn? If there’s less than 3 layers in the same garment, it’s called “stocking stacking”. If there are up to 6 layers, it’s a “shoulder stacking”. The more layers in the same garment, the more data it can provide.

To figure out if the shirt isn’t in stock, simply look at them and get them close to each other.

How did you know if your shirt was in stock?

Once you’ve determined that there is a good level of detail to the shirt you’re looking at, you can see if they’re in stock. If there are more colors than you’d like, you can compare them. You can also compare them with different sizes.

The process for comparing colors is as follows:

Step 1: Look into the front of the shirt. This is usually easy (assuming there are 3 rows of buttons, in a good quality shirt). If it’s all white, you can expect some color variation.

Step 2: Put some of your favorite colors aside. For example, pink will make the white look pink, and white will make the pink look white.

Step 3: Put an orange in your favorite color, and then compare your shirt with a different shirt in the same color.

If there are less than 3 layers in the same shirt, the shirt will have more color variation than a red shirt on a black shirt.

If you’ve only got two colors, it’s not that big a deal.

Step 4: Put the rest of your shirts in the same fashion.

I’ve done it myself in several places here on (I know – I know – it’ll turn out to look all wrong…) so if people feel that my work is wrong, I’d love to be able to fix it

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