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No, there’s no Photoshop app available for Iphone!

Are there any apps like this on iOS?


“We’re doing this because we believe in free speech. We feel the same way about rape and murder and pornography,” said Josh Freed, chief executive of the Internet Association.

The move will allow the Internet Association to continue its fight against net neutrality.
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The Internet Association wants to allow Internet service providers to offer faster speeds to certain customers and lower the speeds for others. That way Internet users, without changing their cable line package, are able to connect to broadband networks at a higher rate.

Internet providers argue the current classification of traffic by the Federal Communications Commission is outdated, because it favors some companies over others. The association argues that net neutrality is a necessary step in the process of leveling the playing field.

Net neutrality is a principle underlying the concept of net-neutrality that allows all types of service to be equal.

The government’s control over companies and individuals through regulation is often viewed with suspicion by many, and even those who support the concept of net neutrality sometimes call for regulations if they feel they shouldn’t be on the sidelines.

Internet providers have raised eyebrows in recent weeks when they announced plans to build a network to take advantage of the next generation broadband networks being launched.

For example, Comcast Inc. had a deal to build its own fiber optic network in certain areas to offer home Internet access to high-speed broadband to people who aren’t getting it today. That deal would make an unlimited deal at home. Internet companies like Comcast are now calling on the FCC to prevent any net neutrality rules in the future.

Freed, one of the main critics of the current classification for how data travels across the Internet, told CNNMoney that he’s not opposed to having a rule that says companies must treat all Internet traffic the same. He just thinks a rule needs to be different to give more leeway to companies that provide slower speeds.

Comcast isn’t the only company saying so. In fact, an FCC spokesperson tells CNNMoney, there’s no current proposal that would require broadband providers to give equal access to the Internet.

The groups are now talking about different approaches to net neutrality.

If the group is successful in putting the legislation forward in the coming weeks, that would mark a first in the area because no other groups have been able to get through Congress

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