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How many times have you seen the following movie (that you don’t like)? (You have no idea what it is)

What are the last movie you’ve seen?

What is the last thing you saw before you were 18?

What is the last time you left your house?

It doesn’t have to be movies. I’d rather you don’t think about this. I think that we are living as if we are dead. When we come out to play, even if we are in real life, the same stuff happens: the same people talk to us and we don’t know them. Everyone is in the same room talking to everybody else, it is just a different world. It makes you crazy. We are living for a while like this. After we make it, we go away, we get away from it. We are just out of the room.

Tell me about “Au Revoir,” and if the band has the best or worst relationships with its members.

“Au Revoir” was really difficult, I must say. We were trying a lot with every song. The producer wanted to make the song be like the same thing as “Sinnerman,” because he was sure the people could relate to it. The last two songs were really hard to do. My friend in Finland came here from America, came here for a couple of days, and he said, Oh, let me hear these two songs. And I said, Yeah, I like the first one better but it would sound so different next time. And he was so sad because he had the same idea, but he never succeeded in coming up with something like this. I think that, because the people don’t care about music anymore, it’s good to have something people can relate to, like a “Tiger-Ape” or other good things.

Have you had a chance to get the full length album from “Au Revoir”?

Maybe a week and a half, but it’s difficult. We have never had it.

I know we heard it a while back — it’s an album of live shows.

We played a few shows this winter in Helsinki. For two weeks you could hear the sound of “Tiger-Ape” in everything. In music you can always change the sound. I can see some people are really happy and I can see some sad people, who didn’t like the new albums. Some guys

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