Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdscr Release

Not exactly, but a fan did record and upload a series of videos (via Reddit) into the forum called “Speeding the Beast” in which the voice of Rex sounds very similar to the voice actor of Matt.

We have recently completed our work on an exciting new project, and it’s a great time to talk about it!

A few months ago, I joined an informal survey of my Facebook friends, after a particularly long week. What we discovered was more than an astonishing increase in the number of people who thought it was appropriate to give their Facebook friends a little help at work.

The survey was run by a small group of friends, at one of our friends’ houses in the UK, who have since come to be known by their friends as the Friends at Work team. It’s a group of around 100+ people, most of whom were not part of any other collective group or experiment, so I can’t yet say where they are now. Some of the new people who have joined us, we’ll call them Friends at Work N-0’s, who are not here for the experiment, but who are friends at this point (as they have come to be a part of the Friends at Work team).

If Friends at Work N-0’s are in a sense the first generation of “friends on your wall,” they aren’t particularly well-informed about how much people really value their personal relationships with their Facebook friends, but that might change very quickly. One day, they might read all our posts, and be interested enough to join in.

A good chunk of the Friends at Work experiment is done in the Facebook group. That means I take a regular look at what’s going on there. And today’s post is a result. For those of you who may have been curious in the past, the main thing to know right now is that the number of friends on Facebook increased more than expected among the N-0’s.

I started this post by asking you for your feedback. I wanted to know…

Would a few posts from you be of any value to us? This was a little difficult, since I’ve been running this experiment for nearly a year and you, our most loyal readers, are pretty new to it! But after some deliberation (and some testing for this blog), I’m now asking you for your help in improving the quality of Facebook for everyone. Would you like to know how this experiment has shaped your ideas about Facebook? Do you

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