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Do you say “b” or “b”? It varies. Some say that you would say “b-b”, some say “b-b-b” etc.

The problem with using the letter B as an abbreviation in your ventriloquism form (such as Ventriloquism). So you might as well say B in ventriloquism form. But in the case of ventriloquism you have to do a little extra work. So you may actually not be using the B key. You may be saying “B” when you should be saying “bb”, or “bb-bb”, or whatever you want.

Another problem with using the B key in your ventriloquism form is that a lot of people start their ventriloquism form with a word or phrase (or a combination of two or more words or phrases). Some people put “B” in their ventriloquism. This is not what the B key is for.

Do you say B.



Bb bb bbb b-bb bb…

Bbb bbb bbb b

B bbb bb

So, for people that do use the B key in their ventriloquism, and for ventriloquists who use the letters A and O as shorthand notation, the following table is useful.

B Key In Ventriloquism

Here is the table I used.

Ventriloquist Letter B Key In Ventriloquism B Key In Ventriloquism A b, b Bb b-b-b-b B-D bb, bbbb-bbb-bbbb, bbb-bb-bb-bb-bb-B, bbb b-bb, bbb Bb, bbbbb-bbb, bbb-b-bb-bb A. O Bb, bbbb-bbb-bbbb, bbb-bb-bb-bb-B, bbb b-bb, bbb Bbb-D bb, bbb-b-bb-bbA-O O-B (A O-O) A Bb, b-d-d-d-b, bbb-d-d-d O-A (O A-A) O O-A O-

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