Is Robbie from victorious a ventriloquist?

Not a chance.

What is the greatest achievement you have ever witnessed in your career?

I was actually quite surprised to be part of the famous ‘Papa Emeritus Show’. I am not proud of what I have done at all. I am now retired and I have always been very proud that I have played cricket.

What do you miss most about playing Test cricket?

I miss playing Test cricket, because it has never quite reached the level that I thought it could. It is a very different sport to one played in my homeland of England. I love the game, but the game itself has not got as big as I thought it would.

What is your favourite memory from your illustrious career?

My favourite memory is probably being at the crease. I will never forget being there and hearing that cricket is so much fun.

Did you ever regret leaving Test cricket?

I did regret leaving.

Who is the person that you wish you could’ve played with or against in Test cricket like you did against Australia during 1996?

Ian Healy.

What was the most exciting moment of your career?

My one-day and Test career, because it took everything in my heart and would never be the same again. Maher Course Of Ventriloquism - Lesson Twenty-Six ...
Who does the most outstanding work with your career?

As a team, I want to thank the media and friends for all the love and support.

What could you do differently as a professional cricketer?

I do not know. It is hard to change it now because I have already worked so hard in my career. My best work, though, was when I was young, playing for England and then England again when I was 27.

What is one cricketing sport that would you like to see improve the most in the short term?

A lot is needed in the game of cricketers. It is not just batting and bowling, but what coaches can do to make cricketers stronger, how their training is structured and I want to see the quality of the playing surface. That will help improve the game.

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