What is a ventriloquist dummy called? – Why Do Some People Learn Faster Than Others

VENTRILOQUISM – a type of comedy act or performance based on a puppet.

Who are the “doubling” act?

What is an “improvised prop”?

What kind of audience will use these puppets?

What does the ‘doubling act’ mean?

What is a “mime?”

How can the performer ‘doubles’ his or her dummy?

What does the “double act” look like?

What are the names of the puppets used in the act?

“VENTRILOQUISM”…what it is.

How can I get a voice with a puppet?

How can we ‘doubles’ our puppet voices?

What is the ‘improvised prop’?

Where to buy an ‘improvised prop’?

The “duo’

What is the “duo” in “duom” or “duomin”.

What are the difference between “improvised props” and “duo’s”?

Who is the “douchie?”

What is a “duo?”

The “douche”?

Can an ‘improvised prop’ be faked to look like a real puppet?

How to spot “DOUCHEBOYYS”

Is a “doucheboy” a puppet or a person?

What are the characteristics of a “doucheboy”?

What are the ‘douche’ characteristics?

What does ‘doucheboy’ mean?

What are the ‘douche’ behaviors?

How do you see the difference between a “doucheboy” and a “douche”, anyway?

What is the “douche” act?

What kind of ‘douche’ act?

What do ‘douche’ act’s have in common?

What does the ‘douche’ act have in common with other “duos”?

Why are there so many different ‘douchies’ in the US?

Can ‘douches’ wear clothes and have ‘douche’ children?

Why do people say “doucheboy”‘s can’t ‘know’ what they are talking about?

What do the “douches”

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