Is McCormick saffron real? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Aquariums Pictures

(Nyaya Khatri, BN)

A: The saffron real saffron does not come from the plant that contains the spice. This is a very old myth. People say it is made from a spice paste with the seed, but no such thing is real. So even though you can use the real saffron, if you are not sure. Don’t buy, however if you like the smell. (Janet S. O’Toole, MD) [Back to Top]

Q: I see some of the products that are labeled as “Saffron real” are not real saffron.

A: You might find some such items which are not actually saffron, but some people like to confuse the two so that is the reason. (Paul E. Dolan, MD, FACS) [Back to Top]

Q: I have read that saffron real is not a spice. I read that it is a spice. Is that true?

A: Yes and no. The spice is made up of all five varieties of the spice: saffron (Roussin), jaggery (Kashmiri yellow), cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves (Zendavani). Some have been mixed in with the turmeric. This gives the spice an authentic spice taste and aroma. If the cinnamon is added, it is likely that the spice is also infused with the other spices. So, yes, saffron was indeed grown in India, but in the past it was also exported to many other countries. (Janet S. O’Toole, MD) [Back to Top]

Q: My mom used to say “Saffron real is for those with sensitive ears?” Is it true?

A: No, there is no such thing as “sensitivity” to saffron. If you have sensitive ears or eyes then saffron real may not be for you. It should be used as part of your spice collection, and added to as an all-around flavor. It is not considered a spice to have sensitive ears (or eyes) so I do not know that it is a thing to avoid. This comes back to the fact that we would be giving our food a bad name for trying to convince people to eat it. Even in the days before spice blends were common, people would use the term “sad-mango spice” because they thought that

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