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You probably know saffron is an excellent food additive that many consider to be the number one thing to make fresh pasta and other white sauces. But why do we find saffron so valuable?

It is actually a natural oil, which is not normally found in food. It is a substance made up of a number of hydrocarbons. If you consume too much of these oil-like hydrocarbons, you can cause serious health problems.

Many saffron products are processed on the order of 100-200 times to remove this oil-like hydrocarbons, which gives them a unique taste (and maybe a slight hint of spice!) That said, if you are consuming your saffron in food, try to limit the quantity of the oil (to be replaced with one that is more natural and less refined) and increase the oil-like hydrocarbon content.

Why saffron is an interesting food additive

Let’s say you had just bought a new pair of jeans. It’s your first pair, and the jeans cost $300. After washing it and ironing it, it will look like new. But the next pair you buy from their retailer will have a different pair of jeans that cost $600.

That means your new jeans cost you between $300 and $600 extra, and you have only just started wearing them, which means you have been spending $3,000 every year to make them look nice!

Saffron will replace $3,000+ worth of costs, but it’s worth doing if you are willing to do the extra work of washing and ironing your clothes, making them look good, and saving money every year, especially if you plan to eat healthier.

What is the potential difference in how saffron affects foods like bread, pasta, soups, and sauces?

Saffron (in a powder), saffron monosulcrate (in a liquid), saffron-free pasta, as well as a number of other commercial foodstuffs, can increase the bioavailability of carbohydrates (sugars), especially in relation to the glycemic index. The high glycemic index of saffron can lead to increased energy and weight gain, as well as insulin resistance, which may eventually lead to type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Saffron and Health and Fitness
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Saffron is not a good food for weight loss.

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