Can chewing gum reduce face fat? – Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Youtube

No – all you’re getting is a placebo.

Studies show chewing gum does not help with weight loss.

A study shows chewing gum is a poor choice for weight loss

A study proves chewing gum isn’t a good diet option

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What do I need to know about teeth decay?

All teeth are very hard to chew and they often get worn out. There are two types – cements and dentin.

Dentin can be destroyed by exposure to acids, such as bleach. Some dentin can actually break down and crumble to dust.

Cements on the teeth are formed in the mouth when gums are in contact with their teeth. The gum will build up cement between your teeth and build up more and more and break down.

The teeth have special “seals” that are broken down so they can easily be removed. However, there are still more that need to be bonded. This happens even when you’re eating a soft food.

The most common problems are on the root of your smile lines, on your corners, under your upper canines, but most of the time they just disappear in a day.

If there are many spots of cement, they can be difficult to remove by brushing your teeth with a dental floss. They will also start to rot if you can’t eat a lot of soft foods at the same time.

Some people get dentin that is on their tongue. If you can’t see the spots in your mouth or you feel they’re coming on, ask your dentist to come and take them out. You can also use a cotton swab to try and stop them happening.

I have an infection on my teeth. What should I do?

Most of the time these infections are caused by eating too many fats in the diet or by not brushing well.

If infection is affecting your bite – you should wash the infected site with a strong alcohol wipe and then with an antibiotic cream. Some antibiotics you can get as generic oral tablets (but be careful about the antibiotic’s ingredients, some antibiotics are very toxic and you should always consult your pharmacist before you take them).

If it’s in a gum break – you may try to cut the infection with a pair of scissors, but the procedure isn’t always comfortable. It’s best to treat the infection with antibiotics so you can start eating less fats.

If you’re worried about the possibility of a gum infection, you should

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