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A: Please follow our tips on how to use natural hair and how to avoid the bad hair days.

B: Try our Hair Loss Prevention for a better hair look with less breakage and more shine!

C: Stop wearing that loose-fitting clothing that puts stress on your shoulders, and start wearing something comfortable that looks professional.

D: For people with smaller waist sizes, the waist band size is a way to measure your actual waist from your hips (the band that connects your bust to your waist). For people who have a larger waist circumference, the measurements of the waist band size will be greater than the measurements that describe your actual waist circumference (the waist measurement in your waist).

Tips to Decrease Your Waist Size:

Wear pants and skirts that fit like regular jeans: they are more flattering.

Check out how to tell if your waist measurement is big enough in our chart.

Don’t be the person wearing a huge belt all the time: wear skinny jeans or dress pants so you can sit down comfortably or stretch out from the waist band.

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Check out our waist size chart.

Tips to Make It More Comfortable:

Stick with good brands. For example, a good shirt and jeans are important if you plan on wearing this style of bra for the rest of your life. Also make sure to stick to high quality cotton, cotton tights, and cotton panties in their basic colors that are not expensive.

For people with a smaller waist circumference, wear a shirt or a jacket that is small enough for your body (in inches, not pounds).

Have a good support system. If you lose a lot of your muscle, you need the support that will continue to strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms. If you find that you’ve lost all of your support structure and your life seems to be going downhill, consult your physician.

Keep exercising: it can actually help you lose weight since the extra muscle will help to support and maintain your body weight. Try a variety of exercises: push ups, squats, leg presses or your favorite band exercise.

When you have a new child: use special nursing shirts and make sure to use baby oil and moisturizer (baby-oil on cotton clothing is a great way to use the product).

Dressing is fun and can be fun, but it’s also a way to make people feel good about themselves. When you’re wearing your favorite outfit,

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