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With this game, I want you to focus on seeing and taking a picture of what’s going on by following the steps in this tutorial.

The first step is to create two different types of images:

In game, the image used to show the terrain, in this case a forest in the forest. You can also take a photo of the objects using the mouse if you prefer to capture more details of objects in your scene.

After you create a folder named forest in your project, you’ll create two different images in that folder: a first type, just the ground, and a second type, the grass. These images are used as a reference to identify what is happening in all the terrain.

Once you got the files back, open the image editor and open the files named image1.PNG and image2.PNG in the same order (in the same folder). Make sure they have exactly the same resolution. In the file viewer, select the images using the mouse and adjust the scale, sharpness, etc. Make sure the image names and formats match up, for example by using the same width and height.

Now to take a picture of the forest, open the same folder where you have made the forest pictures. For this you’ll need multiple images. In this case, you have four files with all the same resolution but different names. Select the images in the right pane of the file explorer. You’ll use all the screenshots from this tutorial in this case. They are only to demonstrate what you’ve got so far, we will do it all in the game.

After you have these images, right click each and add the following in the scene editor (remember where you put the picture from before).
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If the files are the same size (which they should be), you’ll have to resize them to fit the screen, in the scene editor, just like the first image. If it is not the same size, the files will not be displayed correctly but will be shown as an image instead.

When you have made the modifications and click the ‘Ok’ button to save the game, you will want to select the image you want to capture. Click on the object and it will be opened as a layer under the current layer. If you open the same file in Photoshop or an image editor like GIMP, the objects will be displayed separately: as a layer under the layer of the current layer. You can use this option to select multiple

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