Will I lose weight if I stop eating for 3 days? – How To Make Weight Loss Green Tea At Home

No. The only thing I think about when you take a diet is your diet. The weight would go away when you stop eating, and when you actually do stop eating, the weight goes away!

Are any dietary restrictions that prevent you from eating healthy?

I always have a choice on what we eat. I choose to not eat meat, bread, milk, butter, etc. I choose to not consume any processed foods. For me, if I am going to be on a diet, I like to be on a diet that fits with me. I am very frugal when it comes to food and drink.

Are you aware when you start a weight loss program that it’s going to take the next couple of weeks or months for you to experience a change in your body?

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It takes time to start a diet. It can take about a week for your weight to go down from day-to-day.

Have you had any reactions from the other people in your care?

Oh, yeah. Some people didn’t know that I was going on the diet and then they are always on diet or they want to follow a diet, like they need something or other person said something about this diet. I’ve had some people say ‘Why do you want to be on a diet’ or ‘Why do we need something like this?’ And some people come to my office and they bring food and I tell them what their body has been telling them, and when they get off the program, they want to diet and start again.

And do you ever lose your weight and keep it off?

I am very, very rarely and always the opposite of what I lose and keep on. Sometimes my body feels better, my appetite is lower, I feel like more food I am eating is being thrown around my stomach, and I lose weight, but I never lose weight completely. It happens a couple of times where I have to put on several pounds and lose it; sometimes I have to stop the diet because it’s getting too hard on me to stay in the program. I go back to my old habits, which would have put me on the weight, and that’s where it stops.

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