Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy? – Carpentry Business Near Me Loveland

We try to make it easy to find and sell your custom creations here and it allows me to get a lot of good commission rates.

I can sell things from home for as little as $250! It is something that I’ve wanted to get off my mind for quite some time, and I think that I’m about to finally do it! 😃

In addition to the great commission rates, Etsy allows sellers to put their own creative flourishes on their furniture, making them even more interesting and unique!

You have made a few different designs for sale. Can you tell me about each of them? Have fun finding something you love, then sharing your Etsy shop!

Serena L

Serenity Lodge – This cabin’s cozy interior allows guests a cozy and relaxing escape in the midst of the storm of the winter storm – and a gorgeous way to share an intimate moment with a friend or loved one. Featuring a beautifully decorated room, we have a perfect home for a family vacation!

Serenity Lodge has been featured in in their Top 50 Winter Home Decorations 2013! Check them out here!

Paw Paw

The Paw Paw is a small cabin nestled in the snow country of Newfoundland. The cabin has a large window, so that you can enjoy views of Lake St. Lawrence and Niagara Falls. We have a big bedroom, which has a king-sized bed, and a full bathroom with a new bathtub in the garage. We also have two fireplaces, and a porch over-looking the lake!

Serena L

Serenity Cabin – An antique-style cabin with a custom-built fireplace that will get to enjoy great views of Lake St. Lawrence and Niagara Falls, with all of St. John’s waterfront on beautiful Lake Ontario. We have a big bedroom, and a full bath, with two new bathtubs in the garage.

Serena L

La Chambre Cencor

I grew up on a farm in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. It would be really cool to make my own cottage or campfire. This home is a very romantic and cozy retreat, with an antique-style cabin. Everything from the barn and farmhouse to the cabin, as well as the barn, are in good shape and in excellent condition.

We live on a hill so that is perfect for getting some great views of the countryside. My kids love the

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