How much money do Furniture makers make?

Asking Furniture makers to post their salaries is like asking taxi drivers to post their fares. You will just get a list of people and what they are paid for the day you ask. In most cases these figures are not the most accurate or are completely fictitious and have to be seen as such.

What do furniture makers earn?

There are a lot of furniture makers but they make a lot of money. In a typical year at the end of 2010, there were 2,000,000 people making furniture. This equals about 0.1% of all individuals in the country today.

The reason for the small earnings is that the job takes ages to master. You can start at 16 or 14. You need to learn the trade on your own – you don’t just watch other members in the showroom of a furniture maker. You have to go to classes to learn how to make things yourself.

So the average wage is around US$35,000. This number is expected to continue to rise in the near future because technology is improving and the demand for skills continues to increase. However, because the demand for labor is still relatively low, people will continue to earn less and less. And that’s just a conservative estimate.

Do furniture makers in America enjoy a good pay packet?

Unfortunately, no. As you can see, Furniture makers in America are making minimum wage. A typical American salary is around US$26,000. The salary of those in the middle or the lower paid of the income scale is around US$28,000. So if you want to become a furniture maker in America, you must have a much higher education and you do not want your parents to support you with it.

If you wish to learn how to make furniture on your own, there are thousands of videos on YouTube devoted to the craft. You can also join online groups dedicated to furniture making. This would be the best course of action to get started.

What about those low paid workers who work in the factories?

Furniture Making involves a lot of repetitive work – this includes handcrafting, machining, drilling, shaping and installing. The wages for factory workers are around $12 per hour.

At some plants, the wages are lower and they are called temp industries. There are those of you who have heard the phrase that a temp is not a worker. If you get this statement, please check out the section below – Temp Industry?